Over the last year, NAILS has heard more and more about glitter toenails. The “Rock Star Toes” are being worn by more clients now, and anyone who has recently gone to a beauty show will attest that bling is definitely still in for toenails.

Young Nails educator Melissa Garcia of Studio 115 in Tulare, Calif., made these Rock Star Toes for NAILS’ December 2007 cover. “They are just so irresistible,” Garcia says of her service. “My clients do all the marketing for me. They are my walking advertisement.” 

She charges $35-$55 for the set of gel toenails (on top of her regular pedicure price) depending on the amount of enhancements the client wants to add. And the best part? Once you get the hang of it, it takes only 15-20 minutes to complete. For these toes, Garcia mixed Young Nails’ Royal Red, Golden Orange, and Lava glitter additives to create the multi-dimensional look.

Here's how you can create these nails:

1. Prep nail beds, pushing back cuticle. Using an electric file, etch the nail with a medium arbor band. Apply one coat of Swipe and two coats of Protein Bond.


2. Apply a layer of Base to all five toenails on the first foot and sprinkle a thin layer of your glitter additive on all five nails.


3. Cure for two minutes under a 36-watt UV light. After curing, brush off remaining glitter with a nail brush.


4. Repeat steps 1-3 to toenails on the other foot. (If you want to add an additional layer of glitter, repeat steps 2 and 3 on both feet.)


5. Apply a single coat of Flex, floating the gel on the nail. Cure for two minutes. (Repeat this step to toenails on the other foot.)


6. Apply Finish gel. Cure for two minutes. (Repeat this step to toenails on the other foot.)


7. Shape and condition toenails.

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