Nail technician Josephine Marshall doesn’t get many requests for nail art from her clients at Strands Salon in Providence, R.I. “That’s why I have fun with my towels,” says Marshall, who explores her creative side with gemstone designs on her worktable towels. “I have surrounded myself with the best products, so I decided to showcase them on my work surface,” she says. “I have placed the names of my favorite product brands on my towels.” Marshall has also memorialized different holidays and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Marshall uses stone adhesive to affix the gems to the towel and, she says, the designs are surprisingly durable. “You can machine wash and dry them, just don’t use a very hot dryer, or the glue may soften,” she cautions.

“My clients look forward to seeing what I will come up with next,” says nail tech Josephine Marshall, who decorates her worktable towels with gemstone designs.

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