Dear Shari Talks About Introducing a New Nail Tech

byShari Finger | June 1, 2007

Veteran nail tech Shari Finger—owner of Finger’s Nail Studio in W. Dundee, III.—fields reader questions in the areas of salon management and workplace politics. 

Dear Shari,

What’s the best way to announce the arrival of a new tech and introduce her to your salon clientele?

Sincerely, Got a New-Hire

Dear Got: Adding a new nail tech to your staff can be difficult. You don’t want your new staff member to become a victim of “the new girl” syndrome. This very real phenomenon occurs when, for no reason, no one wants to book with the newest staff member. Sometimes customers will not even book a simple polish change or nail fix with her. Here are a couple of pointers so your new tech doesn’t fall victim to this sometimes terminal disease:

Never use the word “new.” Announce her arrival by placing signs in the salon that say:

Perfect 10 Nail Studio proudly announces the addition of Mary Manicurist Master Nail Artist to our staff


Pefect 10 Nail Studio is honored to welcome Mary Manicurist to our staff. Book a pedicure today with Mary and receive a free (fill in the blank).

Give her press. If you have a salon newsletter or website, place a special article devoted just to her and her strengths.

Get customers into her chair at any cost. The kiss of death to a new tech is an empty chair. Customers will see that other customers are not flocking to her and assume she is no good.

Wear her work and get other staff members to do the same. Wearing her work is a way to show off your tech’s talent. I love it when I am wearing the work of one my staff members and I am complimented on my nails. I can say, “Aren’t they great! Mary did them.”


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