“It makes me feel like a maestro conducting an orchestra.”

Wayne Brooks’ professional heroes are Oprah Winfrey, Grand Master Flash, and Jazzy Jeff. In his role as nail tech, his dream of one day tending to Oprah’s toes represents the pinnacle of success. But in his other life — as a DJ and musician — it’s the pioneers of hip-hop who serve as his inspiration.

He’s been a DJ longer than he’s been a nail tech. Brooks got into nails two years ago at the suggestion of a former girlfriend and currently works at Tuscany in Evans, Ga. He deejayed as a teenager, then started up again professionally five years ago. In between, he attended the Art Institute of Atlanta to learn about music production, then worked for a sound and lighting company.

Now Brooks deejays at ballroom events, private clubs, and company parties. “I like more of a VIP atmosphere,” he says. “I enjoy seeing the crowd dancing. It makes me feel like a maestro conducting an orchestra.”

Brooks also plays guitar in not one, but two bands. JJAK Hogan, which has been together for just a year, plays original music with an ’80s feel. “It’s kind of Devo meets Phil Collins sprinkled with David Bowie,” he says. “My other band, The Senate Committee, has been around for three years. The style is more Barnaby Jones meets George Clinton with a taste of Rick James.”

His clients love to come see him play and often ask about his next show. And if he’s a little late to the salon after a long night, he makes up for it with an extra-fabulous service. You can check out Brooks’ musical side on MySpace. Go to www.myspace.com/jjakhogan and www.myspace.com/senatorz.

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