For clients, waiting for their polish to dry can be about as exciting as watching grass grow. So how do you make that necessary downtime pleasant for them and at the same time profitable for you? We asked several techs for their several techs for their tips:

Janeen Jesse, Dilliards Hair and Nail Salon, Colorado Springs, Colo.: I purchased a roller-type back massager and my clients love it when I roll it over their back while they wait for their polish to dry. Also, I have had a lot of success with placing retail products, interesting magazine articles, and teasers for our salon services in view of the client at the drying station.

Debbbie Brew, jenniffer& co., Mentor, Ohio: During “dry me,” I discuss their retail needs and have their purchases and services paid for at the receptionist desk. We also book their next nail appointment, if necessary, and inquire if they’re interested in any of the other services we offer. I also use this time to re-file their personal implement bags and begin prep for the next client. Since I don’t want my clients to feel rushed, I wait until they’re out of my chair to really break down the station and sanitize for the next client.

Faith Glionna, Cuticles, Indialantic, Fla.: Our nail dryers are in the reception room where all the retail is sold and any special promotions are displayed. Neck massages and chair massages are offered at $10 for 10 minutes. There is a TV in the room, as well as magazines, coffee, cookies. And our receptionist makes sure they book their next appointment.

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