It only takes a glance at the TV and a peek at a magazine rack to see male vanity basking in the mainstream. Men are embracing fashion, shopping, design, andgrooming with unprecedented glee. So, just for kicks, we got two of the industry’sbest-known nail artists to submit designs for men. With tough rocker and jock looks,these designs by Elsbeth Schuetz and Sheryl Macauley are a sign of the times.


PYROMANIAC  Somewhere in our evolution testosterone and fire got all tangled up. Now things men like are labeled “hot,” “smoking,” or “on fire.” Their preferred manner of cooking is over an open flame, with something sharp in their hands. Even their toys don’t escape the fire: flames feature prominently on men’s cars, motorcycles, and even guitars. Celebrity manicurist Elsbeth Schuetz thinks it’s about time men’s nails got in on the act. It’s only fair.

ACE OF SPADES  Poker night has never been so popular. Forget about dad’s weekly gathering in the basement, poker has been elevated to the celebrity “It” game. There are TV dramas, game shows, and televised tournaments dedicated to its allure. Playing lady luck, Schuetz lays this spade design on the felt.

EYE IN THE SKY  Bringing back heady memories of the ‘60s and rockers Jerry Garcia and Jimi Hendrix, Schuetz’s version of the Flying Eyeball is sure to strike a chord with former love children and hipsters alike.

ROLL WITH IT  Come on lucky number 7! Many a heart has broken over the cruelty of the dice — never mind that some of those tears have been shed over a bad Monopoly roll. Why is it so darn hard to land on Boardwalk? Why?! Schuetz passes Go and collects $200 with this roll.

NONE MORE BLACK  Ah, the old rock ’n’ roll standby — studded black leather. Every rocker worth his salt, well, rocks it. Nail artist extraordinaire Sheryl Macauley uses glossy black polish and tiny metal studs to recreate this look for every man’s inner Tommy Lee.

BLUE! THREE! HIKE!  Boys are so silly with their little sports codes, play books, sports news TV channels, and full-body contact sports. Macauley humors them and their athletic obsessions with this jersey-inspired design. Gooooooo team!

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