Nail technician Jill Wright rings in the holiday season with Hot Buttered Rum Pedicures - a seasonal offering incorporating the most fragrant winter time ingredients with white rum. “The rum has antiseptic properties, but the main reason I use is that the hot buttered rum scrub is gritty, and adding rum makes it smoother and easier to apply, “says Wright. For special touch, she uses cinnamon sticks as toe separators. Wright, who works at Angel’s Salon in Bowling Green, Ky., describes the steps of her homespun holiday pedicure as follows:

  1. Soak the feet in warm water infused with white rum and essential oil of cinnamon or clove.
  2. Clip, file and buff the toenails.
  3. In the palm of your hand, blend hot buttered rum mix (homemade or store bought) with a little rum and apply to the foot and lower leg. Apply to both feet and then put them back into the water and rinse the legs.
  4. Pat the area dry and do cuticle work as necessary.
  5. Apply cocoa butter and massage it into the foot and lower. Do both feet.
  6. Place cinnamon sticks between toes, then polish as usual.

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