European Touch has a response to the ruckus regarding foot spas and the potential problems with bacteria due to improper sanitation: a new pipeless spa. They maintain pipeless technology is safer and requires significantly less cleaning.

"The Murano spa features our new Crystal Clean Pipe-Free technology that replaces traditional whirlpool jets and internal water pipes, which can more easily harbor bacteria," says European Touch's Rebecca Reed. Instead, the spa offers a unique water movement system that feels similar to traditional jets, but rather than the water circulating through internal pipes inside the spa, there is a propeller system located under the footplate that allows the water to travel right inside the basin. Once the spa is drained, you simply remove the footplate to disinfect it and the entire basin.

The technology makes compliance with recommended cleaning procedures easier, says Reed. "The Murano Spa features a digital auto-clean feature for the end-of-the-day and the end-of-the-week cleaning process," she says.

To alert consumers who may be pedicure-shy after all the negative press, Reed recommends using displays in windows and on the reception desk, and running local advertising that explains the features and benefits of the new equipment.

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