If you are looking for a way to boost your pedicure business, Star Nail International president Tony Cuccio recommends the health care approach. Cuccio says. “The general public still thinks of painted toes when they think of a pedicure. They have not been taught that techs treat entire foot, which can help deter and even cure many of their common ailments.”

Positioning your pedicure services as more than just a treat for the feet is quite simple. First talk with existing clients and explain the long-term benefits of the service while you are doing it. Teach them how to properly cut their toenails to avoid ingrown nails. Hand out tips or pamphlets to promote keeping feet in tip-top shape and pain free. And most of all deliver services and treatment programs that target the elimination of problem such as corns and calluses.

One reason many people don’t come in for help is that they are too embarrassed to show their unhealthy feet. Open up the conversation so clients know you are there to help resolve their issues. You can further ease their minds by maintaining their privacy. If you do not have a closed area to perform pedicures, place a short partition between stations so surrounding clients are unable to see their feet. This way client are protected but still within the environment of the salon. Promoting pedicures with a healthy approach can be done quite easily with spectacular benefits for both you and the client. According to Cuccio, “Emphasizing foot health will help change many of your client’s perception, boosting their confidence, building brand loyalty, and greatly increasing your business.”

Here are some health-oriented pedicures from Star Nail International your clients might benefit from:

Service: Foot Saver Pedicure

Conditions treated: Corns and rough, dry patches

Brand: All Season Nails

How to do it: Soak feet in warm water and a Pedicure Fizzer. Use the Toe Between File to smooth away painful corns and extra dry skin in hard-to-reach places such as between toes and around ankles. Complete the pedicure service as you normally would. Finish with a calming and nourishing massage using the Soothing Lavender Moisturizing Lotion.

Service: Muscle Rejuvenator and Replenisher

Conditions treated: Dry skin, sore and arthritic feet

Brand: Cuccio Naturale

How to do it: Soak feet in warm water with a Milk & Honey Pedicure Fizz tablet. Use Milk & Honey Sea Salt at room temperature or warmed. Apply a few drops of Grapeseed Anti-Oxidant Oil to your hands and gently rub into feet. Wrap feet with warm towels for a few minutes. Finish with a wonderful massage using Milk & Honey butter Blend at room temperature or warmed in the microwave.

Service: Holistic Kava Lava Callus Treatment

Conditions treated: Calluses and tired feet

Brand: Cuccio Naturale

How to do it: Use fizz tablet to soften skin. Apply the Kava Elixir Callus remover onto the Earth Stone Lava Pumice and gently smooth away hard, dry skin. Rinse and nourish feet by massaging with Lavender Protection Lotion.

Service: Ingrown Toenail Remover and Stopper

Condition treated: Ingrown toenails

Brand: Star Nail

How to do it: Take away the pain by gently filing the nail under the skin using the Ingrown Toenail File to prevent growth into the skin using the Ingrown Toenail File. To prevent growth into the skin again, carefully cut each toenails square using the Twipper with spring handles. File rough areas of the foot using the Sanitizable mini Foot File. Comfort cuticles and skin around the nails by applying Scentuals nail and Cuticle Oil.

Service: Awaken Tired Feet

Conditions treated: Dry, dull skin and aching feet

Brand: Cuccio Naturale

How to do it: Re-energize client’s feet and whisk away dry, glaky skin cells by first soaking feet in warm water with Papaya Green tea Sea Fizz Manicure Balls. Apply the Mango Peel to the Earth Stone Lava Pumice to safely reduce and smooth callused skin. Apply the Mango Peel onto the Exfoliating Gloves to reach areas between the toes and contoured spots like ankles. Finish with the botanically enriched Papaya Green Tea Lotion.