“We wouldn’t use Herbal Essence shampoo at our backbar or Revlon polish at our manicure station, so why do many salons use drugstore-brand paraffin units?” asks Lorna Nehme, sales manager/educational director for Divi International. As nail techs strive to be perceived as highly trained professionals with unique service and retail offerings, they need to consider the message they send out – and the quality of service they provide – by using a retail unit, she says.

Nehme points to several differences between the two types of units. “Most professional units have two thermostats – one maintains precise temperature and the second is a safety device built in to avoid overheating. Professional warmers can be left on all the time, while retail units have one thermostat and must be unplugged after each use,” she explains. She also points to the detachable heavy-duty power cord and larger interior tanks that allow full immersion of hands or feet. Finally, most professional brands provide a lifetime guarantee in addition to customer support from a trained staff.

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