Opinions may vary on whether teens should wear enhancement but few disagree temporary tips – better known as party nails – are the perfect  solution at prom time and for special occasion, Janeen Jesse, a nail tech at Dillards Hair and Nail Salon in Colorado Spring, Colo., says she even wears them herself when she doesn’t want to deal with maintenance. “We charge $29 for party tips. I tell clients they should last three to seven days and can be soaked off with acetone; says Jesse.

Party Nail Application Procedure

Step 1. Using cuticle lotion and a sanitized pusher or curette, gently free the cuticles from the nail plate

Step 2. Shape the free edge to match the well of the tips and buff the nails with a 240 grit file. There is no need to rough up the nails only remove the shine.

Step 3. Select appropriately sized tips and lay them on your towel in a line, with pinky tips on the outer edges and thumbs in the center so you can find the correct tip during the application will make blending easier.

Step 4. Cleanse the nails with a line free wipe and an alcohol-based nail preparation product apply nail adhesive to the well of the first tip. Then hold the edge of the tip at a 90 degree angle to your paper towel for a moment to allow the excess adhesive to flow off. Place the tip of the nail so that the free edge rest against the well and roll the tip onto the nail from front to back pushing any bubble out toward the cuticle. Repeat on the other nails. With a tip cutter, trim the tips to the client’s desired length.

Step 5. Brush a drop or two of acetone or tip blender on the first tip where the well edge meets the nail. While the plastic softens, use a 100-grit file to shape the free edge. File the well edge, rolling of the softened plastic while avoiding contact with the nail. Change to a 180-grit file to finish blending the well with the nail surface – taking care not to over-file the natural nail – until the visible line is gone. Repeat on the other nails.

Step 6. Apply two coats of nail resin and activator from the cuticle to the ends of the tips, leaving 1/16 inch margin to prevent the resin from seeping onto the cuticles.

Step 7. Using a 240-grit file, blend the resin with the nail surface and buff the nails to a smooth finish. After the client washes her hands to remove any dust. Apply her choice of polish and quick-dry top coat.

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