What a difference 60 years makes. When Charles Spilo began distributing beauty products in 1942, he had three employees and handled more than 100 different products. Today, operating from a 50,000-sq.-ft. facility in Los Angeles, Spilo Worldwide employs staff of 70 and offers over 5,000 professional products, many of them exclusives lines such as Diamond Files, No-Tweeze, Nail Genie, Menda, Bondini, and Nail Magic.

Charles Spilo

Charles Spilo

No single individual can take credit for the company’s continuing success. When Charles died in 1973, his wife Ann Spilo and right-hand woman Roz Barton, the current executive vice president, took the helm. In 1993, Charles and Ann’s son Marc (who began with the company in 1977 “sweeping floors”) assumed the role of president.

In 1998 Spilo changed its name to Spilo Worldwide to better reflect its international scope. At the same time, at the suggestion of Ann, the company incorporated Charles Spilo’s signature carnation into its logo, “My father wore a carnation each and every day,” explains Marc.

“Mom grew them at home, and on the road, no matter the state or country he was in, he managed to find one.”

In addition to its customer service, the aspect of the business Marc remains most proud of is its steady growth nicely over the years and continue to diversity. We’ve grown from just being a distributor of other people’s products to offering proprietary brands such as Mehaz and Toolworx,” he says.

Spilo Worldwide: A Decade by Decade Review

1942-Spilo is founded by Charles Spilo with three employees. The company sells more than 100 different products and attends its first tradeshow - BBSI.

Mid-1940s - Charles Spilo and Alex Goldman are the first official sales persons for the company. First hair companies distributed are Spornette brushes, Fermadyl, and Denman.

1950s - Begin selling internationally in Mexico, shortly followed by Germany and France. Mr. Spilo begins working with manufacturer rep groups.

Ann Spilo

Ann Spilo

1960s - Begins selling to beauty supply stores nationwide.

1965 - Roz Barton, executive vice president, joins the company.

1970 - Establishes its first exclusive product agreement with Personna, making it the # 1 blade - a position it stills holds today.

1970 - Introduces first Deal Book.

1970s - Begins selling nail products by distributing Orly acrylic and tips. Establishes the exclusive Spilo sales force. Institutes its first –n-house art department. First and campaign – “Come in out of the rain” -- featured a picture of Charles Spilo holding an umbrella, wearing his signature carnation. Many employees took turns being featured in the ad.

1977 - Marc Spilo joins his father’s company. 1980s-Monsieur Charles curling iron business gains popularity in the professional beauty industry.

1980S – Monsieur Charles curling iron business gains popularity in the professional beauty industry.

1990s - Begins building own brands including Beauty Basics, Hairware, and just for Nails.

1993 - Marc Spilo takes over as president.

Marc Spilo

Marc Spilo

1995 - Acquires Mehaz.

1997 - Triple Cut introduced.

1998 - Spilo changes its name to Spilo Worldwide. Its new logo incorporates Charles  Spilo’s signature pink carnation.

1998 - Opens its new 50,000 square-foot facility in Los Angeles.

2000 - Spilo acquires Speed-O-Guide and introduces Toolworx.

2001 - Debuts its website.

2002 - Grows to more than 70 employees. Offers more than 5,000 professional beauty products and sells to more than 40 different countries.

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