Salon: The Brass Rose Spa & Salon

Location: Blairstown, N.J.

Years in Business: 3

Much-Needed Expansion: If her name and salon sound familiar, that’s because they are. Besides being named Salon of the Year (1-4 Nail Technicians) last year, The Brass Rose Spa & Salon was a runner-up  for Salon of the Year (5+ Nail Technicians) in 1999-2000.

After being in business for only a couple of years, the road for Rosemary and her staff has pretty much been paved in gold. “Our hardwork has been rewarded,” says Rosemary. “We have garnered a reputation as a premier day spa, captured client loyalty, and received thrilling accolades.” But precisely because of that reputation, demand for services had increased. The salon had adequate staffing, but did not have the rooms to accommodate all of the clients. That’s when Rosemary made the decision to remodel and add more rooms for high-demand services – specifically foot treatments, manicure and hand treatments, and massages.

Of course, remodeling and expanding didn’t come without its fair share of problems. A contractor dropped a case of floor tiles on his hand, which required a trip to the emergency room and temporarily halted construction, and the central air conditioning unit somehow blew up one night, causing the salon’s temperature to rise to an uncomfortable 87 degrees.

Despite the trials and tribulations she went through, Rosemary prevailed and in less than three months – months which included working crazy hours to get the salon back to normal working condition – the renovation was complete.

After the renovations, The Brass Rose doubled its capacity for foot treatments, increasing revenue in that category by 75%. Facility changes were just one aspect of the salon’s makeover, however. Rosemary also expanded services, added a complete line of proprietary products, and updated the staff’s uniforms.


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