Name: John Hauk

Salon: Belle A’Rever

Location: Centerville, Ohio

Years Doing Nails: 10

Specialties: Pink-and-whites, tips with overlay

Accomplishments: Placed third in NAILS’ Top 25 Competitors of 2001; consistent top competitor for past five years.

Why he stands out: Well, one of the most obvious reasons that John Hauk stands out in this industry is that he is a man. And he’s good, really good. His flawless work has been featured in FPO’s latest and campaign and on several magazine covers – including NAILS. John accredits his technical skills partially to a love for all aspects of the industry. “I am drawn to any part of the industry that is fast-moving and forever changing. That is why I am very well-rounded,” says John.

Not only is his work highly visible, so is his face. With the release of Pinnacle by FPO’s latest ad campaign, John can add “model” to his resume. “I was asked to be involved in the ad campaign because of my skills, my drive to be number one, and my name. They felt that if they put a well-known competitor in the ad it would help to sell more product,” says John.

Despite owning his own salon, John finds the time to be an avid competitor, attending many trade shows and competitions consistently. John feels that he stands apart from other nail techs because of his “humility, heart and love for competing.” “I always come back for more to better myself,” he says.

As one of the top competitors in the country, John is a highly visible member of the nail industry. Because of his professionalism and high profile, he is also called upon as an industry insider to contribute to magazine articles and forums. In this way, John is able to communicate with and educate many nail techs in a way that few other members of the industry can.

Not content with his success so far, John has big plans for the future. “I want to be the number-one competitor and I want to own my own product line,” he says. Winning runner-up for Nail Tech of the Year is a step in the right direction. “It means a lot to me – and it means that I need to try harder next year.”

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