Illustration by Chris Murphy

Illustration by Chris Murphy

I had worked for 10 years at a salon in California called Just Nails. Years later when I moved to Houston, and was ready to open my own salon, I wanted to go by the same name, but it was taken. I settled on Nails, Please! Because I figured when I answered the phone most cus­tomers would ask for an appointment for “nails, please” and it stayed with me. It’s been my business name for 10 years.

Janice Reams, Nails, Please!, Houston

I have been a hairstylist for 15 years and married for nine. When I first met my husband and he told me his last name, I couldn’t help but laugh. So, two years ago when I decided to transform my garage into a salon, I decided to name it Hare Cutz. I get a lot of laughs from people when they hear my last name and know what my profession is.

Shelley Hare, Hare Cutz, Cambria, Calif.

A longtime client helped me name my salon. I told her I wanted it to be the first listing in the phone book so it had to start with the letter “A” and it needed to be catchy. On her next appointment she brought me a list of 10 names and I immediately picked All About You.

Dusty Mancino, All About You Salon n Spa, New Castle, Pa.

The main street in my town is Broadway and the street I’m on runs directly off it. I thought that by choosing the name Off Broadway Salon, potential clients would know that it isn’t actually on Broadway, but it has backfired. When I ask new clients if they know where we’re located, they say “On Broadway, right?”

Kathy Lynn, Off Broadway Salon, Ontario, Canada

We came up with the name of our salon by watching “Late Night with David Letterman.” He has a nightly Top 10 list and it made sense to name our salon that since everyone has 10 nails.

Laura Strauss, Top 10 Nail Salon, Laurel Springs, N.J.

In 19971 moved to a one-person salon after eight years in large salons. That Christmas, I received a lot of Princess Diana memorabilia from my clients because they knew how much I liked her. I decorated my salon to complement the memorabilia and had a contest to come up with a name for the salon. The Nail Palace won because I found it quite fitting. After all, I like to treat my clients like queens.

Delia M. Accardo, The Nail Palace, Clovis, Calif.

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