When It comes to removing polish, Georgette Garber-Torell has tried it all — including paper towels, cotton balls, and disposable shop towels. A nail tech’s best bet? Felt squares, she says. “It’s absorbent it keeps the acetone and polish color off the skin, and it leaves no ‘fuzzies.’” One 2x3 inch square usually removes the polish from all 10 nails.

Garber-Torell, who has experimented with all types and sizes of felt recommends 8 in. x 12 in. felt squares from a mass merchandiser such as Wal-Mart “Pre-cut shapes don’t work because they’re too thin and flimsy” she advises. Larger pieces, on the other hand, can be too thick and unwieldy. She says the sheets cost about 15 cents each and yield 20-24 pieces each.

Garber-Torell usually cuts squares while watching TV at home, but she admits she’s also traded high school students a manicure in exchange for cutting squares from sheets of felt that she provides.

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