We allow smoking in front of the salon. However, this is being reevaluated. The owner, who is a smoker, believes that it doesn’t look right to have nail techs sitting on the front bench smoking because it looks bad when prospective clients drive by.-Nicole Beres, Deco Nails & Tanning, Coral Springs, Fla.

We have a unique situation in our salon. The salon is divided in half, with smoking allowed on one side and not on the other. The decision was made to go non-smoking on our side five years ago because one of the owners had health problems and couldn’t be around cigarette smoke. Even though the other owner still allows smoking on her side, out of respect most of the clients and nail techs go outside to smoke.-Beth Wallin, Nail Images at the Hair Network, Charlotte, N.C.

In Maryland businesses can be fined for letting people smoke inside. We recently moved to a new location and now we have an overhang on the front of the building, so we set two chairs and an ashtray out front for smokers. It really drums up business from people walking by because they always stop and chat with the smokers and wind up coming in for services.-April Balmos, Martins Hairport, Inc., Baltimore

I’ve been a licensed nail tech for seven years, a nail salon owner for six years, and a smoker for 31 years. Most of my clients are non-smokers, so I feel they should not be subjected to smoke odor. Smoking is not allowed in or near my salon. Between appointments, when I feel the need for a cigarette, I retreat to the smoker’s bench out back. Upon returning to the salon, I gargle, wash my hands, and reapply hand lotion.-Liz Shappart, Nails Down Under, Pocatello, Idaho

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