We wanted something summery and light for this month’s cover so we called Nadine Galli, regional manager for OPI Products, to come do the feet on this month’s cover model. Galli gave our model, Hema Nabhan, a first-rate pedicure complete with foot care products that are in development by OPI. She even bared with us when we had trouble picking the perfect color for the toes, trying at least seven different summery shades. (We settled on OPI’s Shanghai Shimmer to simply complement the orange sandals.)

And since it was cold in the studio, Galli applied Avoplex Cuticle Oil on the model’s toes and massaged her feet under a heat lamp right before we began shooting. (How ironic—with the rain falling steadily outside—that we were setting up the perfect summer day inside the photo studio—complete with real grass that we brought in especially for this.)

Galli, who has been a nail technician for 20 years and with OPI for 18 of those years, works mainly out of her home. She has been a regional manger since she started with OPI. Not only a nail technician, Galli teaches classes, orders product, works with distributors, tests product, and hires and trains other OPI educators. She manages seven educators in California and last year when the company opened up an office and warehouse in Japan, she was put in chare of them as well. She oversees five employees in Japan, traveling there every six weeks. (And she is learning to speak Japanese, taking a class once a week.) All this, and she still found time to come to our studio to do a NAILS cover!

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