Never underestimate the potential of retail sales to boost your profits, says Don Bewley, a former salon owner and CEO of Eufora International. “By the end of my career as an owner, I had mastered retail selling and was able to more than pay my rent with retail alone,” he says.

Bewley offers the following three steps to calculate how you can pay your rent with retail income.

  1. Determine the cost of your rent for one week and multiply it by two.
  2. Divide that total by the number of technicians in your salon. For example if the total is $750 and you have five techs, you’d arrive at $ 150 per tech per week. This is how much retail each tech must sell per-week.
  3. Now divide that amount, by the average number of clients each tech services per week. For example, $150 retail per week -30 clients per week-$5 per client (that’s about the price of one bottle of polish in this example).

Bewley suggests you calculate your current amount of retail revenue per client for comparison purposes, then work with each tech to set individual goals. “Remember though, as you experience increased profitability, give back to the team that made it possible,” he says.

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