Star Nail Products combines UV gel and fiberglass mesh for strong enhancements without the use of resin or activators.

1. Prepare the nails, apply tips, clean again, and apply primer: Using a nylon or sable gel brush, scoop a generous amount of theT3 Fiber-Gel and apply by criss-crossing from sidewall to sidewall, starting at the free edge and ending at the cuticle. Finish with a three-stroke application, similar to applying polish. Wipe most of the gel off of the brush and gently wipe the sidewalls and free edge to seal.

2. Cure using Star’s UV lamp for I minute. Scoop up more gel and re-apply as in step 1. Before curing, apply properly sized fiberglass mesh to the wet gel, staying 1/16-inch away from the cuticle, sidewalls and free edge. Use a birchwood stick to saturate and settle mesh. Seal the enhancement with the brush is in step 1. Cure for 2 minutes.

3. Apply another layer of gel by using only the three-stroke application method. Again, seal the sidewalls and free edge. Cure for 3 minutes. Use a pad saturated with Finishing Wipe solution to remove tackiness. If any imperfections should occur use either a white block or 180-grit file, but don’t break the seal by overfiling. Apply polish, Star’s Fast Set Polish Cure Top Coat, and Roule Oil to finish the nails.

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