“The name of the salon is Arthur’s House of Glamour but we call it AHOG,” says nail technician Caroline Pomakis about the unique New Orleans salon she calls home. The salon is located just around the corner from Bourbon Street and sits between The House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe. From the outside, it looks like so many other two-story buildings in the area, but the minute you walk in, the salon takes on a life of its own.

Pomakis performs her nail wizardry in front of a strobe-lit mural of Andy Warhol’s “Edie Sedgewick,” while pedicure clients sit back to relax in a Naugahyde chair right out of the seventies. The hair station mirrors are enhanced with wood-carved frames. Surrounding the frames on the wall are individually painted designs and shapes. The concrete floors have been marbleized with splashes of blue and red swirls, and the walls are painted pink and chartreuse.

Decor alone doesn’t make a salon. “It really is bright, but that’s only one of the reasons everyone loves it here. The other reason is the owner; Arthur Severio. He really places an emphasis on having fun while he works. A lot of people just stop in hereto chit-chat or to sit down and have a cup of coffee with us,” Pomakis says.

Under the watchful eyes of Andy Warhol’s “Edie Sedgewick,” nail technician Caroline Pomakis gets client Michelle Heisser ready for another big night of celebration in New Orleans.

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