Now there’s an expensive way to find out. Chemists at OPI Products have come up with an MMA Testing Kit that gives almost instantaneous results. The kit, which will cost $24.95, contains crystals in a glass jar, a special solvent, a dropper, and an informational brochure with color chart. “The procedure is simple: Place one droppers worth of the liquid monomer you’re testing into the jar. Swirl it around then dispose of the liquid into a jar of acrylic powder (also provided). Then pour a small amount of the special solvent onto the crystals. The liquid will turn into one of a range of green to blue shades. A light yellow-green shade means no MMA is present; blue means there is MMA. (Each kit provides one test.) “Before this kit, tests were expensive and time-consuming, so very few were conducted,” comments Eric Schwartz, COO of OPI. “This test compares very well with the more expensive lab tests, and we think it will uncover a significant amount of MMA usage.” Schwartz hopes to encourage state boards to give the kits to their salon inspectors; nail technicians are also expected to purchase the kit. The MMA Testing Kit will be available August 1.

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