In honor of Galaxy Nail Products’ 10-year anniversary, we pored over photos and articles, gathering information to pay tribute. What we found was a link between founder/CEO Kym Lee’s hair color and significant phases of her company’s growth.

Brown, But Not Out (1998)
While a chocolate brown-haired Kym competed, husband Tim walked the trade show floors and absorbed. “We met manufacturers and trade show promoters” she says, “Later Tim said, ‘We can do this too.’” They founded the company in April 1988, with self-tested product and hand-made labels, and they chose a name that reflected their aspirations. “Tim and I believe that if you think big, that’s where you will end up,” says Kym. “The galaxy is a huge and beautiful place, so we decided that would be our destination.” Galaxy also opened distribution in England, Japan, and Australia.


Sky-High Auburn (1991)
Two years later Kym grew out her chocolate locks and went auburn as Galaxy’s profits jumped 350%, the largest single gain in company history. The huge increase was due to the introduction of the Fast Set System, the first product of its kind on the market.

Lady in Red (1992)
A long-haired, red-headed Kym signs Galaxy with Nailco Salon Marketplace. Its 4-oz. Fast Set Pink Powder became the distributor’s top-selling brand that same year Galaxy also released the first primer-safe tips (Ultipmate) and its White Lightening Powder in 1993, which Kym says was the only powder on the market that matched white tips.

Polished Apricot (1994)
Galaxy developed and released its Lumanents 60-Second Nailcolor at summer BBSI, where Kym unveiled her “apricot” tresses for an interview with CBS television.

Blond Ambition (1995)
Galaxy’s first full-color catalog, which featured several pictures of a blond Kym, chronicled the company’s products, service, and education. Galaxy continued to introduce new products: Station Safe, Eco Disposal. ProScrub, and Citrus Cream. It also began distributing in South Africa.

Red-y for Anything (1998)
Galaxy expands its Australian and Japanese distribution and Kym reflects on her palette of hair colors. Do they have anything to do with the company’s success? “Staying innovative has definitely been the key,” Kym says with a wink.

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