Who better to keep track of global nail trends than trendsetter Creative Nail Design? For instance, did you know that Texans get more pedicures than the residents of any other state? Northwest cities such as San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle rank second, while Michigan comes in third. Surprisingly, the sunny states of California and Florida don’t rank high on this list. For more nail facts and figures from Creative’s store of statistics, read on:


  • Europe is starting to embrace the square nail shape, while America has moved to oval nails. Ten years ago, the reverse was true.
  • 40% of all nail technicians live in California, so it’s not surprising that it’s the liquid and powder capital of the nation. (Florida is #2 and Texas is #3.)
  • Texas buys more emery boards than any other state.
  • More Pinkies are sold in Midwest than anywhere else in the world.
  • New York is not only the nation’s art capital, but the nail art capital as well. While paintings are being sold in Chelsea, nail art is selling in nail salons.
  • Rhode Islanders love orange nail polish. They are the No.1 orange buyers in the country.
  • Seattle is very fashion forward and avant-garde. They were wearing black, green, and blue way before they were a nationwide trend.
  • The Midwest loves dark brown-reds. Twice as many brown-red colors are sold in the Midwest than anywhere else in the world.
  • Light neutral metallics reign mid-Atlantic locations such as Maryland and Pennsylvania. Canada is hooked on whites (and other light shades).
  • The areas that like light, dark and nothing in between are California, Arizona, Utah, New England, and Australia.
  • Creative’s all-around number one selling nail shade is Burgundy Foil, a deep metallic red.  

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