It’s early evening in the tiny Texas town of Schulenburg. At True Exceptions nail salon, that means it’s time to close the blinds to the prying eyes of passersby and begin work on a special group of clients men with bitten or damaged nails. Men who according to salon owner Reyna Traywick, prefer not to be seen in the salon, but are only too happy to accept the compliments they get on their nails. Her first male client, like most of them came to her more or less by accident.

She explains “After noticing the nails of my client’s husband were bitten back to nothing I suggested he get a set of nails put on, He just looked at me like I was crazy. A while later the man entered a womanless talent show and needed an extra-long set of acrylics put on for the female role he was playing.

“After the show, Traywick cut the nails short and told him to soak them off in acetone. Instead he wore the nails to work the next day “He received so many compliments on his perfect, manly nails that he started coming in every two weeks with his wife.” Another gentleman client, says Traywick, had a few nails that were split down the middle Initially, she repaired just the broken nails. Two weeks later, he decided he wanted a full set. If you can get a man to try a single nail, he’s hooked Pretty soon he’ll call and ask for a full set.” she says.

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