Prepare the new growth area (visible at both cuticle and smile line) and remove the shine from the entire nail surface. Draw the new smile line with a pencil behind the natural smile line, closer to the cuticle.

Using NSI’s French Fill Bit (either the two-or three-week bit), score a line across the pencil mark, holding the drill at a 45° angle. Then, holding the drill parallel to the nail (as shown), grind out the area to be backfilled. Remove the top layer of the remaining free edge and dust off the filings. Wipe with acetone to remove pencil marks. Wet the entire backfill area with Pink Balancing Liquid.

Fill with Brilliant White Powder, and then complete the fill at the cuticle area with the clear or pink powder of your choice Use only 100-or 180-grit files to shape, shorten, and contour the nails to prepare them for the application of Perma Gloss to seal and protect the backfill.

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