We all know a killer idea when we hear one, but how about an idea killer? In her book Full Speed Ahead: Become Driven by Change to Achieve Your Personal and Professional Best, author and professional speaker Joyce Weiss attempts to teach readers to achieve positive change in their professional and personal lives. In a chapter on creativity, she examines some “killer” phrases that instantly put an end to the creative process in the workplace — phrases like, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” “We’ve always done it that way,” and ‘That’s not in my job description/To unblock creative energy and move to the next level of success, Weiss recommends following these guidelines to produce uplifting, results-oriented brainstorming sessions.

Make only positive statements. Listen to other perspectives. Offer every idea you can think of even if rt seems silly Don’t criticize any idea. Ask what has worked in the past Do something totally new and different Add humor and fun. Use igniting phrases such as “Keep talking,” “You’re on the right track,” and “We can do a lot with that idea.” 

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