I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve been talking about you. Don’t worry. I’ve been saying nice things, but I thought I should warn you in case any of the people; I’ve been talking to call you or come into your salon. I’ve been talking to several editors at the big consumer beauty magazines. They all seem to ask the same questions

What should someone look for in a good nail salon? Be ready for questions from nosy clients. I told them to look for your license (even if you’re in an unlicensed state, you can show a business license). Don’t gel nervous it they ask-about your schooling or continuing education, either.

Consumers are still worried about salon sanitation, but I reassured these editors that a visit to the nail salon is nothing to fear: I recommended that clients simply ask the nail technician what method of disinfection she uses to clean her implements. “A good nail technician should have no problem describing how she cleans her implements and what she does to ensure her clients’ safety,” I explained. I am well aware that state board rules vary from state to stale, but I explained that proper sanitation in any state requires that a client be asked to wash her hands and that the work area be clean and the towel changed, and added that a client’s questions about any service done on her are always welcome.

What are the trends in nail care? What fun I had with this subject! “Artificial nails don’t have to look artificial at all!” I exclaimed, and I proceeded to give them the; lowdown on the kinds of products now available to nail professionals that enable them to create the sleekest, thinnest, most natural-looking nails around. I told them about polish and top coals and hand lotions and cuticle creams and files and custom retail kits von put together just for them. Do you have a super-fast drying polish or top coat so they won’t smudge; their nails? Do you have files they can use at home? Stock up quick!

I bragged about you quite a bit: I said you could reform a nail biter, that you could give a flat nail an arch, and that if they tried a pedicure they would never be able to give them up (they are expecting to get a decent foot massage. so please don’t skimp).

Finally, I told them that nail salons are here to stay. I told them that the truly professional nail artists would stay in business because they offer a service that can make you feel wonderful. Please don’t let me down! Stay on top of what the beauty press is saving about nail care — the good and the bad — so you are ready for it.

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