Business owners constantly seek ways to differentiate their operation from the competition. One way, according to Rona Fried, is to go green. Fried is co-owner of Ecologic, a national consulting firm that shows businesses how to operate in a way that is both environmentally responsible and profitable.

“As customers become more sophisticated, you can set your salon apart by offering a chemical-free or environmentally sensitive atmosphere,” says Fried. “The whole atmosphere — from furnishings, to paint, to air, water, and ventilation — can reflect a commitment to the environment and to your patrons’ health. There are lots of alternative products, too. Aveda is a leader in that area.” It’s not just undoing a negative attribute — you can noticeably enhance the salon experience as well. “Beyond health concerns, you can use beautiful fragrances that make the client’s experience more enjoyable. Natural products smell and feel great,” says Fried.

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