The summer 1993 Board of Cosmetology newsletter published by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation incorrectly stated that alcohol and Barbicide are no longer considered effective by the state board in destroying the HIV/AIDS virus and other contagious diseases.

According to Marcelle Flanagan, program administrator for the Florida state board of cosmetology, the new regulation, which took effect May 31, 1993, requires salons to use hospital-level, EPA-approved disinfectants. Using Barbicide, she says, is not prohibited in the regulations and its use is allowed under the new regulations. However, using alcohol as a disinfectant is not allowed because it is not EPA-registered.

The state board also recently amended its sanitation rules to clarify that the board does not consider it sufficient to have a wet sanitizer in the salon; it must be used. “We had inspectors who found that salons had them on the premises, but they weren’t using them. Now salons will be cited if they are not using them,” says Flanagan.

In other news, the Florida State Board has published a notice of intent to adopt rules to allow mobile salon is licensed to operate in Florida under a pilot program. The board has written the rule allowing mobile salons and is currently conducting an economic impact statement. Because of resistance from Florida cosmetologists and salon owners, Flanagan does not know when, or even if, the rule will be finalized and approved.

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