1. Never let a set of nails walk out the door that you wouldn’t want to wear yourself.
  2. Take care of your customers, making sure you do whatever is necessary to make them happy.
  3. Always give customers a little more than they expect. Says Rosie, “Sometimes I’ll throw in a little stripe on the nails. Our technician Judy came in on her day off to work on a client because that person couldn’t come any other time. Ellen does repairs on her breaks. Our whole staff is always doing little extras”
  4. Listen to what your customers say. Sometimes they’ll tell you, or even their body language will indicate, that they do not like something.
  5. Listen to your employees. Says Robert, “We’ve started monthly meetings where everyone can talk about their problems. The new building was a change of business. With new employees and increased volume, we needed the structure.”
  6. Have a very tight team. “Every time we hire someone our big concern is, “Will they fit?” says Rosie. “All it takes is one bad attitude to ruin a good crew. Attitude is the most important thing. You can teach anybody to do anything. If they have the potential, stay and work with them.”
  7. Keep up on new products. “People want to see the newest thing,” says Rosie. “I read like crazy and I am always testing out new products. Go to shows when you can. You may end up throwing away everything you bought last month, but it’s the only way you’re going to find out what’s good.”
  8. Have fun. One of the most enjoyable things in any salon is building relationships with clients.
  9. Be willing to give without getting back (for a while). “If you think ‘money’ first, you’re never going to make it. Think ‘service’ first and the money will come later. Be willing to put in some extra hour. Do a job that isn’t so glamorous. Spend extra time building relationships with clients. It’s like an investment,” says Rosie.
  10. Keep track of your cash flow. Says Robert, “A lot of small businesses don’t keep track of the money coming in or going out. A whole year goes by and they don’t know where they are at. Tighten the reigns.” 

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