The fact that pedicures represent an excellent opportunity to increase profits while meeting the needs of an existing and new clientele should come as no surprise to technicians and salon owners. But an aspect of the service often overlooked is the potential for increasing income and profit through a well-planned retail program.

Home maintenance products such as lotions, nail clippers, foot files, toe separators and nail polish can and should be presented to take advantage of the impulse sale and the professional recommendation of the technician. Also, home care products serve a specific purpose by maintaining the condition the pedicure achieved, thereby making the next service easier to deal with.

But as with any salon retail program, you as a business person need to know where you stand competitively as a potential retail source. You need to evaluate first what is currently available at other salons, over-the-counter retail outlets, and beauty supply dealers. . . and at what price.

To be successful with any retail program, you need to promote professional products to your clients without the fear of losing that sale because of price or shopping convenience.

So when expanding your pedicure services, or thinking about a pedicure retail program, evaluate each product for its benefits during the service, and for its retail potential.

You are the professional, a source for recommendations on products and services. . . so why not take that reputation the next step, and become the source for professional retail products as well?

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