H&H Products has expanded its line of production on nail files to make a new world record in the number of types of nail files manufactured by a single company, according to Houshang Rastegar, president of H&H Products.

“We now make over 100 different nail abrasives,” he said, “and this amazing variety has not only made us the focused the doors for us to the international market. H&H is now selling worldwide from the Land Down Under to the Orient and from Europe to Africa.

“We have maintained a very firm position in the field of nail files,” Houshand explained, “and have achieved that by stressing the value of service. We listen to what the customer needs and we try to fulfill those needs.”

Satisfying the demands of today’s sophisticated manicurist on a professional quality nail file is far more serious than it seems and today’s nail files have come far from where a simple traditional garnet emery board used to be.

H&H has so far been totally and exclusively engaged in the development, design and manufacture of nail abrasives. Maintaining the same policies and standards, H&H is taking further steps in the industry and is now introducing its new nail care product, including nail sculpturing products, nail glue and tips.

“We are still a small company with big plans in front of us,” Houshang pointed out,” but no matter how much we grow, we will still maintain that individual attention to our customers that has brought us so far.”


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