Backscratchers Moisture Jubilee is a new cuticle cream that provides moisturizers, healing agents and anti-oxidants. As a comprehensive treatment to retard bacteria and fungus, it is ideal for hands and feet.

Daily use of Moisture Jubilee ensures relief for dry, chapped skin, plus effective protection against further irritation. It is available in one-ounce resale jars and two-ounce professional use jars.

Backscratchers has also introduced Nail Radiance, a new revitalizing cuticle oil that is a blend of natural oils, emollients, anti-oxidants and protective agents. It contains vitamin D and lecithin to nourish dry areas, and apricot kernel oil, a softening and healing agent. Other special ingredients help prevent bacteria and fungi growth. Lightweight and easy to apply, the oil gives skin a touch of sheen and luster.

Nail Radiance is available in half-ounce resale bottles and a one-ounce professional size for salon use.

A third new product is Backscratchers Lotion Royale, a hand and body lotion for dry skin, it contains allantoin, moisturizers and healing agents, plus a special ingredient for protection against bacteria, yeast and mold.

The convenient eight-ounce “designer” carafe features a pop-top applicator cap, and the lotion itself has a light “designer” fragrance.

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