A new name and attractive new packaging have been launched for the premiere acrylic product by DeEnterprises, Inc.

Now known as Aqua Nails, the acrylic system has been used in the Chicago area for six years, and is currently available for national distribution.

DeEnterprises, Inc., the Illinois-based manufacturer of Aqua Nails, is owned and operated under the direction of a husband-wife team, Frank and Laura DeSantis. They worked closely with a chemist to formulate Aqua Nails, an acrylic that they describe as easy to work with, odorless, and durable but not brittle.

Because this acrylic will not harden until it is placed in warm water, the nail technician has time to position the acrylic perfectly on the nail. The liquid and fine-grind powder produce a satin-smooth finish that is self-leveling, so no filing is necessary, according to Frank and Laura. Simply apply the product like polish, with light, even strokes.


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