Through extensive research and development, OPI has fashioned five unique styles of nail tips. Each style of tip has been field tested with professional nail technicians to ensure the shape and quality fit all the demands and needs of the professional.

OPI started by utilizing only the finest ABS plastics for consistent shape and color. Then each tip was reinforced at the sidewall stress points to prevent cracking. The back of the NT Series Tips lend themselves to easy blending with the natural nail. And each tip is perfect not only for the application of acrylic overlays, but also for gel bonding, according to OPI.

The result is a cohesive system of nail tips that meets the needs of the professional nail technician. Each style of tip is packaged in an assortment of sizes, from a bag of 20 assorted tips to a box of 400. In this way, a professional can keep a complete inventory of all styles, which means she can select the right tip for each individual client.

In addition to the new product developments recently released by OPI Products, Inc, the company has taken a major step toward re-packaging their entire line.

This redesign moves the product labels away from the black and white oval shape to a consistent, complementary design utilizing contrasting color bars to clearly identify each product.

But the primary reason for taking such a step, according to OPI President George Schaeffer, was the desire to include ingredient listings and cautionary instructions.

Noting that the product itself has not changed, George added that “the products are the same as before ... it’s just that now they are presented much better visually and include the cautions and contents material.”

OPI Products manufactures a full line of nail care related products, and can be found in authorized OPI dealers throughout the country.



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