John Geils, president of Flowery Beauty Products, Inc., is pleased to announce the acquisition of Footcare, Ltd., the exclusive distributor of Swedish Clover pedicure products in the United States.

Flowery, the beauty specialists who have been bringing nail care professionals fine quality products for over 75 years, now joins Swedish Clover, a prominent European professional pedicure line for over 90 years, to bring nail technicians a comprehensive collection of manicure and pedicure products.

In addition, Swedish Clover has also been well received in the U.S. professional beauty care industry. The entire collection of Swedish Clover pedicure products has been developed and perfected to meet the stringent demands of the American nail technician.

“I expect great things from the Swedish Clover line,” says John Geils. “Not only does it offer the highest quality products and implements, but it sets the standard in pedicure education as well,” The educational video tape, “Art of Pedicure: Methode and Massage,” and accompanying booklet enable salons to develop new customers for pedicures. They also make it convenient and easy to train technicians.

The highly concentrated Swedish Clover footbaths, balsams, deodorants, antiseptics and cremes are economical and practical for salon use. “A salon can build a dedicated following in its area by using the Swedish Clover Methode,” remarked Geoff Geils, marketing director of Flowery Beauty Products. “A modest investment by the salon in the Swedish Clover Professional Pedicure Kit can generate considerable income, turning pedicures into an exceptionally profitable salon service.”

The kit comes complete with a Fot Fil (foot file); Fot Bathe (a relaxing and refreshing foot soak); and Fot Balsam (a skin treatment to keep the feet soft and supple).

In addition, Geoff Geils expects the excellent profit potential represented by pedicure products to encourage more salon retail business. “Our eye-catching counter display is a unique way to offer salon patrons the same fine products for use in the home.” Each colorful display includes a variety of pedicure products, plus a free brochure with easy-to-follow instructions.


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