Menda Scientific Products, Inc., proudly announces that it has been granted a patent on its acrylic liquid dispenser. The invention permits a manicurist to pump a drop or two of liquid into a holding dish by simply touching the cap with an application brush.

Once pumped up, the liquid remains isolated from unused fluid in the bottle below. This eliminates wasted liquid and most obnoxious fumes while keeping fresh liquid immediately available at the technician’s fingertips.

“What makes our new design unique is that activated liquid, which is essentially a powerful glue, cannot re-enter the pump mechanism and cause clogging. Since we introduced this product about a year and a half ago, it has become an essential tool for thousands of manicurists,” said David Landecker, president of Menda.

“It’s been so successful that there are already foreign made imitations of the Menda pump on the market. Perhaps we should take these imitations as flattery; but our patent means that copies are illegal to sell. We intend to enforce our patent rights against all infringers, be they manufacturers, distributors or retailers,” Landecker stated.

“We’ve been in the dispenser business for forty years, and are proud of our responsiveness to the special needs of manicurists who use acrylics,” he added.

Menda’s dispensers are available with polyethylene (plastic), glass, or decorator porcelain bottles, and are designed to deliver acrylic liquids, polish remover, facial toners, cleaners, and other liquids applied onto a brush, swab or cotton ball.


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