I didn’t plan to write an Editor’s Note for this month’s issue of NAILS Magazine, but here it is. I didn’t plan to make the number “5” a recurring element of the editorial content, but it is.

The cover story on Fingernail Fitness Products, Inc., for example, focuses on their newly introduced product line: five different formulas for five types of nail conditions, each designed to encourage healthy natural nail growth.

Then there’s Jodi Roach’s article on the 5 Steps of Management. Jodi is a nail salon owner, real estate investor, business consultant and lecturer. She could have chosen any one of several seminar topics she lectures about, but she chose to submit an article about the 5 Steps.

And when I interviewed Erika Giannotti for the salon profile, I knew she had four nail salons; I didn’t know she would announce that preparations are already underway to open Erika’s Naughty Nails V.

Five, 5, and V. Not bad for a recurring theme, but it doesn’t tell you, the reader, very much. Perhaps it really serves to draw your attention to another recurring theme: success through effective management, the foundation of which is planning. You’ll find lots of good advice and examples throughout this issue.

In addition to the three articles mentioned above, there’s information about small claims court with advice from William R. West on how to prepare for your day in court. The article familiarizing you with competition rules will help, should you decide to enter an upcoming event. And there’s a year-end checklist so you can evaluate your success during 1986 as a basis for making your 1987 plans. It all seems to tie together very nicely.

A lot of planning goes into each issue of NAILS Magazine, but sometimes unplanned things happen, and like the recurring number five, the unexpected can be a nice surprise. Must be one of the fringe benefits of good planning.

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