Two new products are creating quite a stir at the Nail Emporium, in Orange, California: a new carbide drill bit, guaranteed for five years, and an equally new lightweight, portable drill that can be literally clipped to your belt.

These two new products, exclusively at the Nail Emporium, are “brand new items, yet the response has already been outstanding,” according to Jim George, owner of the nail supplies outlet.

The carbide drill bit, available in two shaft sizes, 1/8” for Dremel-type drills and 3/32” for Foredom-type drills, offers a factory-backed five year replacement guarantee, but according to Jim, the importance is in its performance.

“This drill bit will outlast any diamond bit on the market,” he said, “and with this carbide, there is no loading of any kind when working with acrylic, nor heat. It’s great around the cuticle area and excellent on any sculptured nail.”

The new bit is available in two styles, cone and barrel, and is priced at $29.95.

“It comes in only one grit, but that is really all that is needed. It’s comparable to an 80 grit diamond but it smooths like a 240 fine.”

The Nail Emporium’s other exciting innovation is the Bravo motor and drill. This pocketable and handy battery powered motor drives a small, pen-like drill at an impressive 20,000 rpm... for a continuous operating time (with a heavy load) of four hours. Charging time is just five hours with the attached battery charger.

“We are very excited about the drill and motor,” said Jim. “It is extremely portable, offers a variable speed and is extremely convenient to use. And equipped with a carbide bit, this drill works wonders.”

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