The WINBA Show… that annual, exciting, showcase of new companies, new products, new innovations, and what’s widely recognized as the most influential nail competitions in the world of beauty industry, is just several very short weeks away… and from what Jim George, president of the sponsoring organization World International Nail and Beauty Association claims, this annual event has all the makings of a “really big sheeow.”

This year’s program, scheduled for June 9 and 10 at the Anaheim Marriott convention hall in Anahaim, California, has been sold out for months.

In fact, said Jim George, over 350 exhibitors have wanted and requested booth space for this upcoming WINBA show, in an effort to be part of one of the major, if not the major nail show in the country.

“And not just for the competitors. Other technicians who may not wish to compete for whatever reason have the opportunity to see the best work available in the world, to be able to recognize hard work and the merits of pursuing this profession.

“Competitions build a pride in their industry and in their profession,” added Jim George. “Competitions have always been the backbone of WINBA and always will be. So to see regional shows and state chapters of WINBA sending their competition winners to this show to compete with (and as) the best, reinforces the reason for this show and association and broadens the impact of what we are trying to do.”

It is obvious to the viewer that this emphasis by the association is paying off. The entries and awards at last year’s program attested to the fact that the WINBA program was growing in popularity and emphasis. (It was at the first show that the World Champion category was established in nails and make-up.)

It is also obvious by this year’s advance entries and the excitement industry-wide that this program will continue to emphasize the association’s standing as the leader in recognizing and coordinating competition talent. Again this year, competitions will be handled on both days, with student and professional categories established.

On Sunday, June 9, for example, sculptured nail, three-d nail art and flat nail art competitions are scheduled with an award ceremony to announce the World Champion nail art fantasy award winner, the flat nail art award winner, and the finalists in the professional sculptured nail division.

“Basically, the way we have set this up,” explained Jim George, obviously proud of the association’s program, “is that on the first day we will announce the top U.S.A. National Champions in the professional sculptured nail division. These competitors, by their scores and work earn a medallion identifying them as National Champions and gives them the right to compete again the following day with other first place winners within the U.S. and also with competitors from around the world to establish the World Champion in sculptured nails.

“What we end up with,” he added, “is the best possible work as these competitors work against each other and the best.”

Scheduled for the second day will be the World Champion student sculpture nail awards, as well as the awards for the professional division. Awards for the four different categories include trophies, some five-feet tall as in the case of the World Champion, cash awards and medallions.

In addition to the nail divisions, the association will continue its competitions in the makeup divisions, to run concurrent with the nail competitions. Makeup categories include Fantasy/Bal Masque, Fantasy/Prosthetics and Avant Garde/High Tech Fashion. Trophies, medallions and cash awards will also be given as WINBA recognizes world champions in these divisions and categories.

In any discussion about WINBA, it is too easy to concentrate on their sophisticated and refined competitions, and to inadvertently overlook the other strengths of the show ... that being the exhibits and the educational program. Of the many exhibitors, says Jim George, attendees can look forward to the latest in products and companies that will shape the nail industry in the future.

“What we hear and see from our many exhibitors,” he said, “is that new products and product innovations will be unveiled at this show. And because this is almost 100 percent nails, in terms of exhibits, we are looking forward to a variety of new products and techniques for the nail technician.”

Also, WINBA’s educational program is of the finest, added Jim George, offering workshops and product seminars during both days of the show.

“From 10 a.m. until the show closes, we will be having nail seminars that include nail knowledge, technical training, demonstrations and product application mostly at trade show booths and a few classrooms,” explained Jim George.

“The whole point of this show is to provide information, new products and techniques, and to recognize excellence that when combined will work toward the betterment of the nail technician and the nail industry. We feel that we have come a long way with that goal in mind, and that this show accomplishes all that we have set out to do … and then some.”

Admission for this main event is $15 per person per day at the door, with presale discount tickets available at $5 for students and $10 for professionals ... a deal at twice the price,” said Jim, “especially when you consider that you will be seeing the best in exhibitions, exhibitors, demonstrations, and techniques in the world. And what we are offering includes surprise entertainment events that will be announced at the show.”

The WINBA event … an annual extravaganza that draws the best in the field, both competitors and attendees, and exhibitors. An event that truly deserves recognition as the finest nail-only oriented show in the world, and for its professional and innovative competition program. It is a show that should not be missed, as the nail industry, with all its promise and vigor is presented, highlighted ... and waiting.

“Remember,” concluded Jim George, “WINBA is for you and the industry, not just for any one individual. That is what made WINBA as great as it is and continues to make it a success.”


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