As the holiday season nears, we can’t help but think of what this hectic 60 days will mean to the nail industry ... and the nail technician.

Reflecting back on seasons past, we know that this is a time of obvious good cheer, but also one in which longer hours, impulsive shoppers and maddening schedules can fray even the best holiday image. Traditionally it is a party season where special, unique beauty and fashion looks are in high demand. In-salon merchandising and retailing has its finest hour as holiday gifts sales become impulsive items and gift certificates provide that special unique touch.

We know those things. We deal with them each year and prepare for them accordingly. But what about the holiday’s hectic pace on our own work and personal lives? What preparation are we making to not only profit during the season, but survive it as well? To say that the holidays can also bring a degree of loneliness and depression has become a cliche ... yet one that is not far from the truth. For many, this joyous season has a hollow ring to it and can generate distressing despair.

There are ways of dealing with this potential depression, this debilitating despair. Effective ways, Allison Deerr contributes such guidelines in this issue in an editorial that is both light-hearted and somber in its approach. Although careful not to become mired in the severity of the topic, Allison presents a concise and valuable aid as preparation for this holiday season.

Her suggestions deal with the importance of rest, nutrition and that difficult to control aspect of pacing oneself … but at the core of her remarks is the basic axiom of taking the time to take care of oneself: Mentally, physically and socially. It’s a very good discussion, advice and must reading for everyone before the season descends.

As the holiday arrives …


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