It's incredible the response we've had from the technicians in this area," explained Marilyn Clark. "We just know that this event will be well attended and beneficial."

The event Marilyn is referring to is the Las Vegas Summer Finger and Toe Carnival and Masquerade Party, as sponsored and promoted by The Goddess Company of Las Vegas.

This one day event is in response to the growing demand for product and trade information, said Marilyn, especially in the states surrounding California.

"We have noticed a dramatic increase in nail creativity in Utah, Nevada and Arizona," said Marilyn, "from technicians who just can't get to the California shows. Response from this group has been positive and indicates that we should have a good turnout."

The initial response has been favorable, according to Marilyn, partly because of the different ap­proach the Goddess is taking to the show. Scheduled for just one day, the event includes exhibits, three competitions, climaxed with a mas­querade party.

"Our competitions will include a costume aspect that is worth 35 percent of the overall points," out­lined Marilyn. "And with over $5000 in prizes, cash, trophies and certifi­cates available, it should be a fun program."

All scores for the events are based on 65 percent nail art, 35 percent theme, make-up and cos­tume. All work is to be completed prior to entering the competition.

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