Bruce Atwood, vice president of Atwood Industries, manufacturer of Diamond Magic drill bits, reports that the response to his line of products at the recent Long Beach Guild show was "very satisfying."

"It was a pleasure hearing the positive response to our product firsthand," said Bruce. "These customers were very quality conscious and were very happy with our prod­uct and its track record for durability and performance,"

Diamond Magic drill bits are cur­rently produced by the firm in two styles: the cone, used primarily underneath the nail; and the cylinder, for use on top of the nail. According to the company, the drill bits signifi­cantly reduce nail burn, are vibration free and are easily cleaned.

"With proper care and usage, our product is guaranteed to outlast and outperform any comparable drill bit," claimed Bruce. "This is a claim that we have repeatedly made in the past and will continue to make based on the product's outstanding perfor­mance."

The recent show, according to Bruce, is just a recent example of the product's success.

"We are very pleased with the product's acceptance," he said, "not just at this show, but for the past three years that we have produced and sold them,

"We were the first company to offer such a revolutionary drill bit to the industry, and through our suc­cess will continue to offer top prod­uct development."

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