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Pro-Cure Cordless

by NAILS Staff | September 26, 2013 | Gel II | Nail TrendsNail School

Gel II now offers the Pro-Cure Cordless, a portable gel lamp. The cordless lamp boasts a rechargeable battery that charges completely in two hours and provides about an hour and a half of use.

The lamp also features an automatic digital timer with a motion sensor. The LCD screen on the back of the unit counts down as gels are curing and automatically shuts off after the desired time setting. Nail techs can choose between five, 30, and 50 seconds.

Motion sensors activate the lamp when a hand is placed inside, and 18 LED bulbs can cure five fingers at once.

According to the brand, the device is ideal for mobile salons and manicurists, like celebrity nail techs, who tend to make frequent house calls.

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