BELOVED Nails Second Book

by NAILS Staff | May 19, 2011 | BELOVED Nails | Acrylic NailsGels

The nail tech instructional publication BELOVED Nails by Kyu.S, has come out with a second book featuring more international nail tech artists and packed with nail art and nail styles from around the world.The book is aimed toward nail students, as well as techs who are looking to be challenged with new nail style inspirations.

Cedric Goines, owner of Pacific Beauty College in Los Angeles, uses the book as an instructional tool at his school and says the book does a great job educating his students. “I am very impressed with the book,” he says. “The layout is excellent and the pictures are very professional.”

The 140-page book covers basic natural nail treatments, sculpt procedures and designs, and features many works from esteemed German nail tech Alexandra Lust.

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