How Young Of A Client Will You Service?

April 01, 1996

How young of a client will you service?


High-school age, but during prom time, a lot of the appointments are no-shows. So if a teenager is under 18 years old, I will have her come in for a free consultation and I’ll ask for a deposit ahead of time.

Felipe DelLuna

Phase One Hair Design (Granada Hills, Calif.)

I’m most comfortable if they’re at least high-school age because they are more likely to be employed and able to afford nails. If a teen is getting her nails done for a dance, I won’t use primer so she can take the nails off easily.

Ruth Thomas

The Beachcomber (Manhattan Beach, Calif.)

The youngest client that I’d apply nail enhancements to is 16 years old. I’ll have her sign a client release form and have written permission from her parents if she’s under 18. Not only are teens in this age group paying more attention to their appearance, but they usually have jobs and can pay for their nails themselves. However, I would strongly advise active teens, such as cheerleaders and gymnasts, not to get nail enhancements. Their activity level is too high to be risking injury to their nails.

Kiniberly Flohe

Studio e Salon and Spa (Indian Harbour Beach, Fla.)

The youngest client I applied artificial nails on was an 11-year-old girl who was attending a special occasion. I applied tips with a resin gel. As a rule, I don’t think girls under the age of 16 should have artificial nails because they’re too young to be able to afford the upkeep.

Joanne Boice

Nails by Joanne (Santee, Calif.)

I think that if they’re under 16 years old, girls tend to be hard on their nails. At that age, they’re basically nail inept.

Aimee Ginsberg

Salon 544 (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)

I think manicures for little girls are fine for special occasions because it teaches them to take care of their nails later on in life. I wouldn’t apply an artificial product on a girl younger than 16 years old unless she had parental consent. If she doesn’t take proper care of her nails and a problem arises, if her parents didn’t know about the nails, they might hold me responsible.

Renee Steele

Endless Sun (Barstow, Calif.)


How can I cut costs and finally make a profit?

I’ve been doing nails for almost two years and have built a decent clientele. The only problem is, I did the math and over 50% of my income is going back into nail products. I’m using top-of-the-line brands and disposable files. How can I cut costs and finally make a profit? I know our prices are too low as well, but we are trying to stay competitive. Any advice?


As a mobile tech, how do I ensure I get paid?

I have a question about working as a mobile tech. When clients book group events or nail parties, how do you go about getting deposits and payments? Have you ever traveled to a client’s house and they were unable to pay? What did you do?


What should I do differently with male clients?

I’m starting to get more and more male clients. I am wondering how long a manicure for a man should last and how to price it? Also do you have any recommendations on what else I can do to give them an extra masculine sense of comfort?


Should I Use Punch Cards?

I recently started working at a high-end salon and I’m looking for marketing ideas. Should I do punch cards? I can’t do “refer-a-friend” because I don’t have consistent clients yet. We are already doing social media.


Should I start requiring a nonrefundable deposit for special-time appointments?

I want to start requiring a nonrefundable deposit for special-time appointments. My posted hours are 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. by appointment only. I am ridiculously flexible with my schedule, and let people book earlier and later if they can’t get in during normal hours. Recently, I had a 7:30 a.m. no-show! She was supposed to get services totaling over $100, and I forfeited holiday plans to accommodate her. She comes every two weeks, so I can’t lose her, but this is the second time she’s no-showed. What should I do? And how would I go about informing current clients of the new policy on off-hour deposits?

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