Play the Money Game to Save for Your Nail Education

by Holly Schippers | March 1, 2019 | Bookmark +
That’s me with Nanci and her coworker Sandy behind me.

That’s me with Nanci and her coworker Sandy behind me.

On the most recent nail cruise, I had the chance to sit down and chat with attendee Nanci Soltani from Fandango Salon in Northern California. She shared with me her clever way of saving up to come on the cruise each year. I asked her to write a guest post to share this method of savings with all of you as a way to save for any educational opportunity. It fit in with the February broadcast of NailOn with Holly and Mel, so if you’re looking for ways to afford education, here is an idea from Nanci. Then you can check out the NailOn recording for more! — Holly

The Money Game

As a nail education junkie, I passed up opportunities to attend classes and shows because I just didn’t have the money. Also, the idea of committing to an event months away seemed daunting and impossible.

I read somewhere how just saving a small amount of money on a regular basis would slowly add up to a healthy amount. I gave this some serious thought, but it never seemed that I had extra money to put away. Because I am a gamer and gambler at heart, I decided to play a game with myself.

I was already in the habit of saving my change in a 5-gallon bottle, but it was a hassle to deal with and never added up to an airplane ticket or “nailcation.” I moved on to saving $1 bills. This was better, but still not adding up fast enough. So, I decided to get serious and started saving $5 bills!  

At first I thought I couldn’t afford to do this, but I decided to try it for a month. Whenever I had a $5 bill, I immediately put it in a special place in my wallet. Every night I put the bills in a tin in the closet. It quickly became a game! Here is the tricky part: Under no circumstances (well, just once for an emergency vet visit) would I dip into the “stash.”

I would also use a $20 bill to pay for the smallest purchase just to get change back. If a clerk gave me a $10 bill, I’d ask for two fives. At the salon I shared my game with clients and a few of them started saving fives too. I even had some paying me for their services with $5 bills!  

So the trick to saving money for me was to define my priorities and find a plan that works. One of my educational priorities is Cruising with NTP each year. And, yes, I will make this happen again with my $5 stash!  — Nanci

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