1. Apply base coat and cure. Apply two coats of black gel-polish and cure after each application. Using Wildflowers Nails Guide Plate #1, stamp a five-pointed star on the nail.
2. Fill in the flower design using Lauren Wireman’s one-stroke technique. Add the steam and leaves to your creation using Wildflowers Butter Paints, Art Paints, or a combination of the two to achieve your desired color.
3. Accent the center of the flower and the leaves, and add vine-like tendrils using Wildflowers Butter Paints and/or Art Paints.
4. Create lengthwise one-stroke flower buds randomly along the tendrils as desired, then accent with the same color used to create the large flower. Finish with top coat and cure.

Vonda Christensen, Queen V Nail Salon, Booneville, Ark. @nailgirlv

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