Pedicure business is up. According to our most recent survey, 60% of nail techs say their pedicure business has increased over the past 12 months, versus just 5% who say it’s gone down. By surveying consumers (we polled women aged 18 to 59 who live in the U.S.), we hoped to better understand what their needs are when it comes to the health of their feet and what opportunities are available to nail techs to meet those needs with different types of pedicure services and retail items.

How often do you visit a salon for a pedicure service?

Never  24%
Rarely 22%
Couple times a year 18%
Every few months  19%
Every month  4%
Every 2-3 weeks  11%
Every week 2%

How likely are you to buy the following foot care products if they were recommended to you by a salon professional? (Percentages are those answering that they were at least “moderately likely”)

Callus softener or foot soak 52%
Product to reduce callus buildup 44%
Product to reduce toenail discoloration 42%
Foot massaging device  40%
Product to prevent or cure ingrown toenails  40%
Compression socks 38%
Toenail clippers  36%
Specialty footwear 36%
Medical-grade antifungal products   34%
Scented lotion or cream 30%

Do you agree with the following statements?
(Percentages represent respondents who said they agreed with the statement)

Getting regular pedicures is a luxury. 80%
It’s easier or more pleasant to have someone else do my pedicures. 66%
Getting regular pedicures keeps my feet healthy. 42%
I’m concerned with sanitation or infections. 40%

Have you ever experienced any of these foot conditions yourself? (Percentage saying YES)

Dry, cracked skin or heels 24.5%
Bunions/corns/callus 16.1%
Ingrown toenails   12.9%
Arthritis  8.4%
Sweaty feet 7.7%
Plantar fasciitis  7.1%
Torn or missing toenails 6.5%
Smelly feet  5.8%
Fungal infection 5.2%

Have you ever visited a podiatrist for a foot condition?

Yes       48%
No 52%

If a salon that specialized in foot care and pedicures was conveniently located to you, how likely would you be to visit?

Completely likely 14%
Very likely   13%
Moderately likely  26%
Slightly likely 28%
Not at all likely 19%

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